Friday, February 29, 2008

Step Up "The Streets"

Wish he had a bigger part
The best scene

K such a fun movie, thanks friends! Thanks Aubree for such a yummy dinner! Also stats for the night:
Most Bunco's- Ange
High Score- Nicolle & Lisa
Low Score- Jill
Travel- Heather
And don't forget to practice your animal sounds for next month, come on girls you know it was fun!


Nicolle said...

Hey remember I didnt win high score, cause LISA stole it from me! AHHH!

hknight said...

What happened to middle score, does it not make the standings? In case anyone cars Tiffany won that! Also the movie was great!

Janei'a said...

Love the resurrection move from the movie!

Janet said...

Oh I loved subbing!! I miss the crazy bunco gals!! You guys rock the house!! Thanks for a fun night of barnyard calls!!

Lindy said...

Guys, I miss you! I hope to come back someday!

Crystal Liechty said...

hey cutie! I LOVED Step Up 2! Even more than Step Up. Can't wait until the DVD comes out.