Saturday, June 20, 2009

May Bunco!!!!

Bunco was at Tiff's house in May and it was like a wild west show!
See the fun night we had taking lots of pictures.
Amy shake shaking while Heather went and climbed the ladder!
Many headed totem pole
Work it Ange
Fishy, Fishy
Amy, Heather, Nicolle, Jill, and Stacie
Jess, Aubree, Leslie, and Tiff
Nuff said!
Meggan, Ange, Janeia
Call of the wild
Running of the bull!!
Great Chief Coyote Meggan
OH NO!!!!

Thanks everyone for a great night of bunco and laughs!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Um, it's about time someone updated this thing for pete's sakes!!!! Guess that's what I'll do right now! it's like we haven't played since July or something- not ok!!!
There's a chill in the air, a falling of leaves, a smell of cider in the's fall....and with fall comes HALLOWEEN BUNCO!!!!!
on the menu for the night- a witch's brew

mummies for appetizers (delish!)

and delicous soups and salads!!!!

the players:

Tiffy- Pebbles, Danielle- work out barbie

Jessica Martin- as Gabriella from High School Musical

Summer: Dorothy and her little dog Toto

Ang: SHS cheerleader

Nicolle- hillbilly girl

Yours truly: Gumby
Janei'a: here kitty kitty

kara: as her pregnant self

Lindy: Sarah Palin Heather: Flapper Aubree- Alice in Wonderland

The winner of the night- LINDY!!!!! well done Gov'na!

bit of costume happens

as always, it was a fun night, filled with laughs, screams- no swears of course. And Heather won for the 2nd time in a row!!!! a Job well done! Prizes provided by lisa.

there was a bunk off to decide the night's winners. it was a VERY.CLOSE.CALL.

to prove it, a video for your entertainment!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

JuLy BuNcO PaRtY!!!

July Bunco was hosted by the wonderful Lisa, The night started off with some delicious Hawaiian haystacks, and then it was time to get our game on!Some people were way into it, and others not so much (not mentioning names! You know who you are...) But it was still a fun night of goofing of together!

Ange and Lisa doing a little dance! Never short on entertainment with us girls!
Here are the stats for July:
And for those who admire my score sheet in all it's perfection, this is for you! Plus Summer's score sheet ruled, Sum you are so artistic!

SwImMiNg FuN!
Then it was time to party at the pool!
The group started off small...
But as others saw all the fun, they couldn't help but join in!
We are way talented in the art of jumping into the pool old school!
The whole swimming gang! Don't mind the fat pregnant lady!Then it was naughty time...
What could be more fun then swimming after bunco
Thanks Ladies for another fabulous night of Bunco fun!
We missed you Aubrey but we are all so excited for you and your new family member, we can't wait to meet you sweet little boy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

JuNe BuNcO!

June Bunco Adventures...
Winner of Most Bunco's : ANGE!
I don't really remember the rest, If someone took the stats sheet feel free to add the rest of the winnings!
This is Lisa handing out prizes
Ange, Nicolle, Danielle, Janiea and baby Ella
Nicolle poppin' a squat, giving us lessons on how to pee outdoors!
Lisa (Quasimodo) and Tiffy
Janiea and Ange celebrating the drawing prize!
Summer, Stacie, Jessica, and Jesse Ann
Aubrey, Janiea and Danielle posing for the camera!
June was a fun filled month for bunco! Lots of chatting and silliness! Yummy Pizza by the great hostess with the mostest Stacie! Thanks girlie's for the fun night out!

*next month bunco and swimming at Lisa's, NAKED!

Friday, June 13, 2008

April Stats and May Highlights

Cheers to Ange for the yummiest navajo tacos ever! Janei'a there is NO limit!!!! Fun prizes by Summer and the first night of So you think you can Dance were some more highlights of the night, not to mention What Happens in Vegas movie. I don't know what happened to the May stats- sorry

April Stats

Most Buncos- Lisa with 12!!!

High Score- Tiff 445

Middle-Danielle 386

Low-Jill 324


Drawing- Stacie