Sunday, March 23, 2008

March Bunco

K so I already forgot the scores, except for Tiffany got most buncos, and I (Jess) got low score, so help me out. Thanks Summer for yummy sandwiches, and Leslie for the salsa! We missed you Lisa, and unfortunately it was unanimous that we are not continuing the Animal Noises :( Fun Prizes thanks to Nicolle and Busy Biddy we all some new jewelry to sport. And if anyone else has pictures post them, these are from Summer. See everyone next month (hopefully sooner!) at Nicolle's house.


lbarton99 said...

Stumbled upon your blog today. Thought you & your bunco playing friends would get a kick out of this Bunco candle. Never thought the game I played w/ my Nana would come back again & be so popular. Anyway, check out the candle, it's awesome.

Check out the site and the blog of the man who makes the candles ( He's my hubby & he's for real. Love all your pix too. As a fellow mother of 3 young kids it's great to see young moms getting out & having fun.


Ange said...

I got middle score jess. :)

Dr. Taco said...

If you make Ms. Hart take last place for 3 consecutive months in BUNCO, I'll give you all free bleaching trays!!!

Dr. Taco