Monday, January 28, 2008

Holla at your Girls

So, after yet, another fabulous night of bunco playing- although I was having a BAD night- "that's crappy Lisa, what's wrong with you" -said Jess at one point! , us girls hit up a good Chick Flick! 27 Dresses- it was good! I'm so glad Nicolle, Janei'a, Ange and Danielle FINALLY ventured out "late" with us! Such good times! I'm so grateful for all of you guys! I love my friends!!!!!
oh, Aubree's new bunco nickname- OVARIES


Nicolle said...

How fun was Bunco Thursday? Seriously going to the movies after makes it even better! Im so glad i came and i think i just might make it a tradition! Im hooked!

Summer said...

Why didn't anyone tell me we were doing a sideways pose!!

Anonymous said...

I knew it! I knew when you guys all happened to quit our last Bunco group at the exact same time it was a conspiracy to start a new group.

I have seriously gone through Bunco withdrawls. Oh well! I hope eveyone is doing well and having fun!