Friday, October 31, 2008


Um, it's about time someone updated this thing for pete's sakes!!!! Guess that's what I'll do right now! it's like we haven't played since July or something- not ok!!!
There's a chill in the air, a falling of leaves, a smell of cider in the's fall....and with fall comes HALLOWEEN BUNCO!!!!!
on the menu for the night- a witch's brew

mummies for appetizers (delish!)

and delicous soups and salads!!!!

the players:

Tiffy- Pebbles, Danielle- work out barbie

Jessica Martin- as Gabriella from High School Musical

Summer: Dorothy and her little dog Toto

Ang: SHS cheerleader

Nicolle- hillbilly girl

Yours truly: Gumby
Janei'a: here kitty kitty

kara: as her pregnant self

Lindy: Sarah Palin Heather: Flapper Aubree- Alice in Wonderland

The winner of the night- LINDY!!!!! well done Gov'na!

bit of costume happens

as always, it was a fun night, filled with laughs, screams- no swears of course. And Heather won for the 2nd time in a row!!!! a Job well done! Prizes provided by lisa.

there was a bunk off to decide the night's winners. it was a VERY.CLOSE.CALL.

to prove it, a video for your entertainment!

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jess said...

Sweet, I need to bring my camera again, but thanks for takin over the blog for a bit ! cant wait for thanksgiving bunco! yum