Thursday, July 24, 2008

JuLy BuNcO PaRtY!!!

July Bunco was hosted by the wonderful Lisa, The night started off with some delicious Hawaiian haystacks, and then it was time to get our game on!Some people were way into it, and others not so much (not mentioning names! You know who you are...) But it was still a fun night of goofing of together!

Ange and Lisa doing a little dance! Never short on entertainment with us girls!
Here are the stats for July:
And for those who admire my score sheet in all it's perfection, this is for you! Plus Summer's score sheet ruled, Sum you are so artistic!

SwImMiNg FuN!
Then it was time to party at the pool!
The group started off small...
But as others saw all the fun, they couldn't help but join in!
We are way talented in the art of jumping into the pool old school!
The whole swimming gang! Don't mind the fat pregnant lady!Then it was naughty time...
What could be more fun then swimming after bunco
Thanks Ladies for another fabulous night of Bunco fun!
We missed you Aubrey but we are all so excited for you and your new family member, we can't wait to meet you sweet little boy!


Nicolle said...

Oh swimming is so FUNNER!! I LOVE BUNKO!!! Dang were all pretty sexy in the skins!!! :)

lramey said...

dang we're funny! i heart bunco