Sunday, July 6, 2008

JuNe BuNcO!

June Bunco Adventures...
Winner of Most Bunco's : ANGE!
I don't really remember the rest, If someone took the stats sheet feel free to add the rest of the winnings!
This is Lisa handing out prizes
Ange, Nicolle, Danielle, Janiea and baby Ella
Nicolle poppin' a squat, giving us lessons on how to pee outdoors!
Lisa (Quasimodo) and Tiffy
Janiea and Ange celebrating the drawing prize!
Summer, Stacie, Jessica, and Jesse Ann
Aubrey, Janiea and Danielle posing for the camera!
June was a fun filled month for bunco! Lots of chatting and silliness! Yummy Pizza by the great hostess with the mostest Stacie! Thanks girlie's for the fun night out!

*next month bunco and swimming at Lisa's, NAKED!


lramey said...

oh you're the best at this!! I LOVE the pictures. We're freakin' funny.....NAKED!!!!!

Summer said...

bunko is the bomb!

Nicolle said...

Oh I cant wait!! Naked Bunco YES!!!!