Monday, December 10, 2007


So sad that we forgot to take pictures- how could we? But, this event was a huge success I feel! It all started around 9:00 Friday night at Jess's house- props to Chad who let his wife have loud girls over for a sleepover!
We ate treats, missed Heather, watched wedding videos and mingled! It was so fun, and I think we all vote that Ange starts doing her hair like it was in the olden days- bangs and Fork do- Summer- more guitar playing please, Lisa- stop kissing like that and learn to talk like a normal person! Danielle- no more Princess Lea hair do's---did I cover it all? I think so...please add if I left something out.
It was soooo fun! And who cares if we were up til 3:00?!!!
Morning came and there was DELICIOUS FOOD prepared by our Bunco's own Betty- Jessica! Quiche-licious! Waffles- good- when they weren't made soggy by Lisa! Nummy cinnamon rolls- my favorite of the morning- thanks Aubs! I touched my first pomegranate- Summer, always enlightening my food life! And the hot chocolate machine- DEEE-VINE!!!!!
Bunco wasn't too bad either. Nicolle, we love the B.P. but can you leave them at home next time please? Janei'a- simmer down! Thanks to our subs- Aubry and Angi for joining in on the fun!
(good job on prizes Heath- sorry you didn't win!)
I'm thinking, every other month we should do it on a Saturday morning-----whatdy'a say?
TALK TO ME!!!!.......


hknight said...

I feel so loved, and like I was truley missed! I'm up for the brunch Bunco's every once in a while! I hope everyone liked the prizes! I wish I could've been there! Love ya'll!!!

jess said...

I think that would be a super idea, BUT EVERYONE has to come in their pjs!!!!

Summer said...

we are so fun!

Liza's Eyeview said...

I found your blog by Googling Bunco Blogs. Looks like you gals are having fun with Bunco. Us too :)

I would like to ask permission to put a link to on my post about bunco here:

Please let me know if that's ok. Thanks,